Due to the logistics required for executing high-quality, eye catching and well executed custom art on windows, on location, BASE PRICES are NON-NEGOTIABLE. 




ANY and ALL Locations in Brooklyn & Queens start at $ 300.00 


ANY and ALL Locations in Manhattan start at $ 400.00 


Locations in Bronx/Jersey/CT start at $ 400.00 and travel (gas/tolls/time) will be added


All final estimates and prices are determined on a PER-JOB Basis by determining factors including LOCATION, SIZE of Window, Inddor Versus Out-of-Doors execution, Signage or Menu writing, DETAIL of DESIGN, weather conditions, parking availability, travel time, tolls and bridges and a variety of other factors.


Due to traffic congestion, parking cost and other challenges required to execute quality art IN MANHATTAN, the base rate for window painting IN MANHATTAN is slightly higher and also NON-NEGOTIABLE.

If you can not meet the base rate requirement, please find a local artist/painter in Manhattan to do your work.

Derrick and his studio are based in Ridgewood Queens and the base fee compensates for added challenges required to do execute high-quality art on the streets in Manhattan. 


To recieve custom quote visit the CONTACT PAGE and complete the query form.


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