The Little Decor Studio is an artisanal window painting and storefront glass decorating company based in Ridgewood Queens, NY. Owner & lead artist Derrick Little specializes in painting decorative, eye-catching windows for Holiday Decoration, Seasonal Displays, Grand Openings, or any occasion where you want your business to be noticed.


All custom window paintings and window art is executed with weather-durable latex paint on the outside or inside of your storefront glass. NOTE: Derrick does not paint out-of-doors if outside temperature is below 38 degrees fahrenheit. If the temperature is below 38 - Derrick will ONLY paint art from the inside of your glass (to be viewed from outside).


Painted window display and window splash may last for months or years but is also easily removed whenever you choose to change it. Derrick does NOT remove art from windows but will give you simple instructions on how you may do this when you want it removed.


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